2011 saw brought the battle of the top two 105kg lifters in the world, both from Russia, Klokov and Akkaev. Both were Olympic silver medalists, and both were lining up for their position to take it all home in London. But first, they had to stake their claim to the World Championship in Paris.

Klokov one of the most recognizable lifters in the sport opened first with a 188kg snatch. His counterpart Akkaev chose to open more aggressively and took 190. Klokov responded with a 192, and again Akkaev upped the ante with 195. Klokov then brought the bar to 196 to go one kilo ahead of his fellow countryman, and only 4kg shy of the world record. But again Akkaev responded, this time with 198.

Despite being down 2kg going into the C&J Klokov opened lighter than Akkaev, starting with 220. Again Akkaev pushed the bar up on each attempt. Klokov finished his day with 232 in the C&J, and a 428 total, and went 6 for 6 with an extremely impressive performance, but the younger, and perhaps hungrier Akkaev, who needed only 230 for his final attempt to win, brought the bar to 232 to take a total sweep of the gold medals. Did he make his last lift? Watch the video below to find out!