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Thread: Virus Compression Pants Review - Silver, Gold and Elite (RX7, AU9, AU10)

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    Cool Virus Compression Pants Review - Silver, Gold and Elite (RX7, AU9, AU10)

    Whats up weightlifters!

    (Update before I even posted, Virus has a new singlet (AU12), we'll get our hands on one and review it soon'ish hopefully)

    We have all seen them. I am pretty sure you know the brand. A big letter V stamped on a sizable quad of some of our favorite lifters. Their marketing is great, their branding is superb, their products…. pretty damn good. So lets review today the three types of Virus pants out there so if you are intending to buy, hopefully this will help you decide which ones to get.

    Of course Q&A is welcome so feel free to post those questions!

    Now onto the RX7, AU9, and AU10. There is a lot to talk about so I will compress as much as possible.

    RX7 (Aka the Silver)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The most common of the Virus gear you will see around. Generally, it is a good piece of compression gear. Aimed specifically at being able to keep you cool during your workouts, it does a decent job though I have worn it during some 45 degree training sessions (we don’t heat the gym in Austin), and it held through. Aside from the magical cool jade material, simply put the RX7's are good pair of compression tights that in the overall is going to get the job done.

    Form factor
    • The RX7’s are true to size so follow the Virus sizing chart.
    • Everything stays in place and they stay on during the whole work out

    • Offers light compression
    • The least compressive of the three
    • Offers light compression for those that don’t like their legs to be strangled. I have a had a few lifters prefer these since they are not a fan of full compression.

    Material and durability
    • The thinnest of the three.
    • I have worn mine for months without problem but if you are a constant bar-to-thigh dragger, you may want to consider one of the other two types suggested in this review as I have seen many with tears from weightlifting use. Also I have seen those tears worn like a badge for lifting. Up to you.
    • The material and stitching stay true after many washes (I was them inside out and after every single workout)

    • Not bad for recovery gear
    • I can wear these all day and sleep in the them at night and wake up feeling refreshed. Though if you are looking for more recovery, seek the AU9’s. Basically not to say there are not good, but I prefer a different pant if you need something for recovery.
    • I also frequently wear these under my work clothes.

    AU9 (Aka the Gold)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I love GOOOOOOLD and suffice to say, I am a big fan of their bio-ceramic material.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mensbioceramic-large.jpg 
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    Probably my favorite so far as they excel in all the areas I need. Durability, compressive, good fit, good for recovery, and probably out of the three, I like the look the best in (no vanity here, just making an observation and I asked as well and was it was voted to be so). They don’t have a sheen/shine to them (less like tights) and have a nice gold emblem on them stamped on your quad. When you put these on you can feel the pant start immediately helping to make your muscles warm and ready to go.

    The idea behind these is a bio-ceramic engrained material that is supposed to keep you warm. These are gear to keep you warm but not cold gear, if that makes sense. Virus does indeed sell a separate line of pants as well that is for cold weather (the red ones), but these are different. The AU9’s are warmer and a little bit thicker than the RX7’s. Suffice to say, I have worn these in 45 degree weather and 100 degree weather, I wasn’t too cold nor was I too hot.

    Form factor
    • Similar to the RX7’s in cut and style.
    • Sizing is spot on.
    • I think these do the best job of putting “everything” in its place. Like Lulu’s for men. But for things like weightlifting.

    • Right smack dab in the middle.
    • Offers a tighter fit that does require a little more effort to put on.
    • I am a huge fan of how the fit around the calves.
    • They do have less elasticity than the RX7’s which makes the more compressive

    Material and durability
    • Middle thickness
    • I really can’t think of when I may have seen a torn pair of AU9’s
    • These eliminate the need (for me) to wear knee sleeves to keep my knees warm.

    • The best pair for recovery
    • Never too warm but never cooling off

    AU10 (Aka the Elite)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	elite-pant-front.jpg 
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    “The right ideas, execution may be a bit more desired”
    These are supposed to built “for weightlifters” and Virus has put all the right ideas into something tangible. Thicker more resistant material to defend against constant bar contact/dragging. Though there are a few items to take note of like sizing and stitching that you should read about first before buying a pair.

    Form factor
    • These are tight! Tightest of all the three so be wary. I followed the sizing chart (5’7” 190lbs = Large) but feel I should have gone a size up as they barely come past my butt and slip often and give some plumbers crack to anybody behind me. This is even after using the waist ties.
    • I have to sit down and put these on one leg at a time. No jumping in our out of these fast.
    • If you are going to order pair, if you are nearing the next size up, I would suggest going for it. Everyone’s body is different so you will have to try this out on your own.

    • The most compressive of the three. No gradient style compression but have more mobility in the knees vs other parts.
    • Very little stretch or give
    • TIGHT!!!

    Material and durability
    • The most durable pair out of the three (and the most expensive). With thicker and more durable material right in the areas where lifters need it. I don’t expect any tears or rips coming any time soon.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: What I have experienced so far and others reported the same is consistently hearing the stitching pop when you squat. No tears or anything as of yet but it wasn’t a reassuring noise. I have had this happen in Skins compression gear as well and I don’t know what to make of it. Once again, no faults or tears, but you may hear what sounds like a stitching popping only to discover none. Probably a result of the material with the least amount of elasticity.

    • I would not use these for recovery gear. They are too compressive and restrictive for normal everyday movements. Sleeping in the them would probably make me sweat.


    • RX7 - Get these, if you want to be cool, stay cool, are too warm all the time, prefer lighter compression, contemplating what the bar is "thinking", the feeling of wind beneath your wings, and like to lift in something form fitting to stay out the way when keeping the bar close.
    • AU9 - Get these, If you like your muscles to get warm without warming up (disclaimer, always warm up regardless), like more compressive gear, are frequently found in a “quad off,” or dragging the bar on your thighs.
    • AU10 - Get these if you are lean, a muscle machine, do two-a-day trainings or live at the gym, love compression, but just be wary of sizing and get ready to try on a pair or two
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    Fantastic job mate! I'll be adding mine mucho soon.
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    Agree with your sentiments on the RX7. Solid tights. Your review makes me want to try the bioceramics though...maybe if I come into some money or for a present lol.

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    Excellent review!!

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    Was considering forking out for a pair, thanks for this, will probably go for the golds when I have the money.

    (Might be a good idea to move this over to the reviews section?)
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    I met/talked to the Virus guys (well, guy and girl), very cool people. Very interested in contributing and getting involved in the sport, and very easy to talk to if you have suggestions/concerns. I bought a singlet after trying one on and saw a few other interesting things they had going there. The wonderful irony now is that i just wrecked my elbow and probably wont get to use it. They make nice stuff.

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    Virus was a the meet I lifted in today (Pacific Weightlifting Association Championships). I picked up a pair of Elite 3/4 length man-pris. I weighed in at 83.4 at 5'10" and went with mediums. Large would work but I prefer tight. While I haven't done anything but put em on, this things are bomber.

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    I picked up a pair of the KL1 pants, and they are probably the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. They are a similar material to the tights, probably twice as thick, and super flexible. I'd definitely recommend them.

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