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Thread: Barbell Trajectory and Kinematics from 2015 Worlds and 2017 Pan-Ams

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    Barbell Trajectory and Kinematics from 2015 Worlds and 2017 Pan-Ams

    I wanted to pass along that our study 'Survey of Barbell Trajectory and Kinematics of the Snatch Lift from the 2015 World And 2017 Pan-American Weightlifting Championships' is now available.

    Link to full-text:

    Some study highlights:
    -319 A session lifts analyzed
    -frequencies of barbell trajectory type broken down by competition, sex, category, and ranking (includes Hiskia's type 4 trajectory)
    -detailed descriptive analysis of barbell kinematics (several supplemental tables)
    -comparative analysis between competitions for top-three women and men

    I'm always open to discussion and would like to hear anyone's thoughts on our findings.

    Aaron J. Cunanan, PhD, CSCS, USAW

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    Outstanding work Aaron.

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    To be brutally honest .... I think its mostly noise at elite levels.
    The four different type of paths kind of confirm this.

    Where the bar is at in space at a given time is only one component.

    The balance of the whole system, or the center of gravity of the whole [mass of barbell]+[mass of lifter] in relation to the lifter's base of support is probably more important. (e.g. guys snatching 2xBW; that is a 1/3 of the total mass that's discounted from "bar path").

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    great fun, well done

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