I know it's been a while! How's everyone doing?
Hey, just logged in after several years to check if this place lives.
I am not training, i have no goals in this sport and i don't coach anymore. Life has other priorities right now.

When I started WLForums.com I wanted to make it into "the ultimate" resource for Weightlifting. That unfortunately didn't happen and I think the reasons were multifaceted, and overall some combination of:
  • Forums in general aren't as popular as they used to be
    Right, but when you hate social networks what else you have?
  • Reddit is a thing
    hm, ok, lol
  • Weightlifting is a very niche sport
  • I didn't have the time and/or intelligence to pull it off
    Sorry, there's nothing to "pull it off".
  • I didn't have the motivation because there was no easy way to monetize it...not that I was doing it for the money, but it's hard to do a lot of work for a long period of time for little compensation
    What about donations? If others ask for "patrons" why not wlforum? Certainly better than Ads.

I would love to hear some feedback from all of you!

  • Do you still like the forum and want to see it go on?
    Keep it on. Do you think you can find something meaningful on reddit? It's throwaway post type of space.
    If you want more "fun", what about a discord channel for chat on live sport events. Or is it already a thing?
  • Do you want to take it over?
    No. If you need financial support to run the site, ask for donations.
  • Am I an asshole?
  • What do you think the future holds for Weightlifting itself?
    It will keep on living. Maybe it will be removed from olympics one day, who knows, but even after that it will live. It's passed by genes.
    I didn't know what weightlifting was until my 20s. Nothing that strange you might think.
    Well, my father happens to be a great lifter of my country from the 60s era.
    He never talked about the sport (became resentful) so i was NEVER introduced to the sport.
    I knew he was doing some sport because i saw his full drawer of medals and some old leather wrist wraps.
    It was by total "accident" that i started to love this sport and only after solid two years of training i found how great my father actually was (master of sport, record level good).
    And i learned it from his past friends that haven't seen him for decades.
    Don't worry, this sport will carry on.

I was a regular on this forum. At the start it was clear a "forum" won't skyrocket to greatness.
Forums were old school back then already - so it's no surprise Tony.
IMHO, forum is much stable and robust platform in time, than some youtube persona or website with merchandise. But don't expect 100s of ppl traffic.