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Thread: Roman's study about speed/height of athletes

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    Roman's study about speed/height of athletes

    Hello all!!

    In The Training of the weightlifter, Roman reccomends minimum speeds for the second phase of the pull according to the athletes height. Do any of you know the method or study employed ? Also for the speed of the squat under,any reference?

    Thank you in advance

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    I believe it was just obtained from observing the pool of lifters available to them and analyzing the peak velocity. They likely just set everyone near to a checkered wall for scale and used film to record at high frame rates. Taller athletes were noted to need greater peak velocity in order to be successful.

    Speed of the lifter during the squat under is like 1.0m/s for most. Roman noted that potentially if a lifter could shorten the non-support phase (descend faster), the peak velocity needed to lift the barbell dropped significantly, however the average above is about as fast as anyone can descend. It was something absurd like 1.5m/s descent would require only 1m/s barbell velocity if I recall of the top of my head.

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